Character Profile – Samuel Berkeley

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Military Intelligence Data 

Basic Physical Strength: 10

Insight: 7

Instantaneous Judgement: 5

Emotional Strength: 10

Charisma: 5

Hand-to-hand fighting, Marksmanship: 10

Disguise, Infiltration: 6

Engineering, Development: 2

Favourite gun: H & K USP Tactical

Hand-to-hand Fighting Style: Vale Tudo

Affiliation Data

Organization Affiliation: Illegal Intelligence Agency S.E.A.

Assigned Team: Special Ops Unit PHANTOM

Rank / Role: Execution Force Operative

Physical Data

Age: 46 (estimation)

Blood Type: O+

Sex: Male

Eyes: Dark Brown

Hair: Black

Height: 188cm (6’2”)

Weight: 118kg (260 lbs)

Chest Measurement: 118 cm

Foot Size: 30 cm (Size 12)

Dominant Arm: Right

Grip: Right: 108kg (238 lbs)/ Left: 99 kg (215 lbs)

Eyesight: Right: 2.0 / Left: 2.0

Hearing Ability: Right: Normal / Left: Normal

Personal Data

Identification Number: PHANTOM LIVE-009

Codename: Scorpion

Real Name: Samuel Berkeley

Birth date: February 19th, 196X

Birthplace: Canada

Family Structure: None

Hobbies: Coffee Bean Blends / Fly-fishing

Favourite Things: American jokes

Disliked Things: Hiding

Important things: Children

Favourite Disguise: Cook

Favourite Phrase: Get up!

Personality: A through and through soldier type whose body moves simultaneously with his thoughts.
A foppish man, he makes every word he speaks feel warm and important.
He’s attached to Bishop and company as though they’re his children.


It’s been a while, but this blog isn’t dead yet! I actually started working on this entry back in February, but then I got sidetracked by life. Whoops. I think I’ll have more free time from now on, so I’ll try to be more attentive.

At first I thought it was strange to describe Samuel as “foppish”. I was sure that I was definitely making a mistake somewhere. Then I remembered he was black James Bond and everything fell into place.

I still probably made a million mistakes anyway


Backstory – Billy Bishop

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In the desert there lived a lizard.

One could hardly tell it apart from the burning sands it ran across; it was almost the same color.

The sun beat down mercilessly.  The air, the ground  –  everything was on fire.  I’d better hurry up, he thought  –  if I don’t get back to my nest, I’m gonna be one fried lizard!

The lizard moved his legs as fast as he could.  But when he did, a giant roadblock suddenly appeared in his path.  This had never happened to him before  –  certainly not on his usual route!

…Well, he’d never be able to get back home like this.  The lizard was a bit confused, but, hungry for shade, he crawled underneath the roadblock regardless.

–It’s so hot…

My back is burning up…

How many hours have I been out here…

–How many days have I been out here?…

So came these muttered words from a man who lay sprawled out in the middle of the desert.  He was a U.S. Marine, team leader of a special Force Recon patrol.  And, right now, the odds were good that he was fighting a losing battle against the heat.


It had happened on the 65th day of a special mission to the Middle East.

Their job had been to locate a tiny village that had become the stronghold of a group of extremists.  They had decided to launch a surprise attack on the town, without calling for reinforcements.

Their equipment was state of the art; their bodies were honed weapons that betrayed not a wasted movement.  They had the confidence of men who’d gone through hell to get the skills they had.  They were special forces, best of the best  –  and they knew it.

Looking back on it now, though, they might have overestimated themselves.

But the conclusion of the fight came quickly enough to chase any lingering doubt from their minds.  Right after the attack commenced, the extremists suffered a swift and irreparable blow with the suicide of their leader.

Their mission was a success  –  brought to a safe conclusion.

–Mission accomplished.


—…We copy you.  ……Secure the perimeter at once.



The man cut the wireless with an audible sigh of relief.

As his breath escaped his lips, he surveyed his surroundings.  A lone young girl had appeared on the street corner.  She held a water jug in her hands and gave him a cheerful smile.

Then it happened.  As if on cue, the previously-quiet town square flooded with people  –  people now free from the grip of terror who had come to express their thanks.  (Or so it seemed.)

He broke into a smile despite himself; the tension fled from his mind.  He slowly held out a hand to help the girl with her jug…

…and then it all ended.

The crack of gunfire, echoing across the plaza…

A scream…


Explosions…  Cheers…

By the time he’d realized that it was a trap, it was too late.  He felt a sharp pain in his stomach…

–Give me back my papa!  MURDERER!

As he faded from consciousness, the cries of the girl echoed through the man’s mind.


–Am I going to die?…

Seven days had already passed since his unit had been destroyed.  He

couldn’t even tell which way was up in this heat.

Ever since then…for days on end…he had dragged his feet across the

desert, wandering its expanse.  To survive, he’d sipped the water from

inside cacti, gnawed tree roots…ate anything he could find that was

edible.  But in this country of death, it would all amount to a wasted

effort in the end.

His body had long ago lost the ability to scream.  Guts alone propelled

him forward.  But he was weakening  –  to the point where even his hands

refused to grasp.

But then……

just when he was hanging on by his very last thread…

–…Is that all you got?

A voice echoed in his mind.  He dragged his leaden eyelids open and sensed a shadow looming over him.

–Y…you again…

It never failed to appear in the man’s weakest moments.

–Who……who are you……

The shadow ignored his words…

–…Is that all you got?

It just asked the same question over and over.

–…Is that all you got?

But today…today was different.

–…Is that all you got?  –ly…Bishop…

He snapped back to reality at the sound of his own name.


Without thinking, his father’s name escaped from his lips.

–Do you want power?…The power to protect others…

The “shadow” resolved itself into the figure of a man.

–…Who…who are you!?

And then, it slowly extended its right hand.

–Then take my hand…  ’cause the power you’re looking for lies right there.



…The man hesitated for a split second.  …But in that large palm before him lay all the answers he sought.  He knew by instinct to whom it belonged.


In that instant, sheer will pushed his flesh past its limit.

The limbs that should have long ago ceased to function shook as they pulled their owner to his feet.  He grasped the giant hand held out to him with all his might.  He opened his eyes and searched the images that swam before him for a point on which to fixate ahead.

And when he did–

–they came to rest on an altogether different man  –  one with dark brown skin and kind eyes, his right arm enveloped in an impressive scorpion tattoo.

–Pleased to meet you, Billy Bishop.  Welcome to your afterlife.

In so saying, the man before him effected a change.  The shadow was already fading; his eyes were now bathed in light.

It was a strange feeling  –  as if, in a flash, he had been pulled back to the world of the living…and been given a new life.





Yet another fine translation job by R. Capowski! This is about the halfway point through the backstories! I should step up the pace, too.

So here we are, reading the epic tale of Billy Bishop being ambushed by a little girl! It’s strange how everyone else’s backstory shows off some special skill of theirs (Sheila’s combat skills, Nicklaus’ wit, etc.), but Billy just languishes in the desert for a while. Maybe his special skill is his tenacity?

Backstory – Sheila Crawford

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God, I’m sorry…
I never thought it would come to this…

Don’t worry. I’m used to it.

Two soldiers lay in a hastily-dug trench deep within the snow-covered mountains. One, the apparent superior officer, lies on his back; the other, his subordinate, performs a blood transfusion… From their equipment, one might surmise them to be French Foreign Legion, but nowhere on their persons did they carry any items that would conclusively identify them as anything beyond some sort of special forces.

Their mission that day had been to surveil a hidden encampment of a radical communist organization on the Italian-Slovenian border. Their patrol strategy, however, had led their unit to divide its forces into several teams. The strategy had backfired; the unit had encountered an ambush and was splintered further.

–If they come back with reinforcements, not even I’m gonna be able to sneak past ’em…

–Well, no time to think about that now…
Concentrate on getting back on your feet!


The commander, it appeared, had a matter even graver than his own wounds weighing on his mind. Something concerning his subordinate, it seemed.

–…You’ll be all right with me here.
After all, I’ve made it this far.

The soldier returns her commander’s gaze, as if to communicate something to him wordlessly. After a period of silence, in seeming resignation, the officer opens his mouth to respond.


As his subordinate requests, he turns his attention back to recovering from his injuries.

–They made me a universal donor…
You never know what type you’ll need on the battlefield, you know!…

At these words, the officer starts to say something, but then stops. Noticing, the soldier thinks back on when they first met…

–That’s right…it’s just like always… I don’t fit in anywhere…do I…



It had been several weeks since she had fled – fled the little box garden that she had been told was the world entire. She wandered aimlessly, without a goal in mind; she knew she had no place to go.

Since birth, her memories had consisted of nothing but one long unbroken cycle of training and battle… She knew what to say, all right, but she’d never so much as bought herself something from a store… She was far from any signs of civilization. There was nothing to do but hide herself in the mountains.

Funny thing, though – covert ops were what she did best. Pretty convenient, when you’re living life on the run.

–Number AG7753 spotted! Reque–uhhh…

Her pursuer’s neck was snapped before the transmission could even reach HQ. She searched his equipment piece by piece for anything useful. And so, this was how she survived for several weeks.

However…it all came to an abrupt end that day.

–What are you doing?

She suddenly heard a voice from behind her. When she turned around, there was a man with a rifle aimed directly at her – a bullpup, state-of-the-art. The man had a beret on his head; from the way he carried himself, he probably was special forces.

–Let me see your hands…move forward.

So the man ordered in a calm, level voice. It was plain from his attitude that he had ample experience on the battlefield.

The soldier had sized up her enemy at a glance. She offered
no resistance. With a nod, she raised her hands and began to
turn around.


After a slight pause, she raised her head.

–…A woman?

When the soldier revealed her face, the man froze in shock. That tiny
moment of doubt was all the opportunity she needed.

The tables turned; in the next moment, the man’s gun had flown
into the air. His arm was twisted back, and there was a knife at
his throat.

–Who – what are you…

–I don’t know!…I wish someone would tell me.

It was a cold day, snow falling from above…just like today.


He told her that if she joined his squad, she’d be able to get a new name and nationality after her term of service… There was no reason for her to hesitate.

Her enlistment, her unique accommodations at the training camp, her assignments – all was conducted in the utmost secrecy, and before she knew it, two years had passed.

–But you haven’t changed a bit since we met! It’s like you’re frozen in time!

–………I was made that way…

That man realized his poor choice of words.

–I’m sorry…

–Don’t worry. I’m used to it.
You gave me a home.
That’s enough to make me happy…


The soldier’s words put the officer at peace. He quietly closed his eyes.

The rescue chopper followed soon after.


In a forest several kilometers from the rescue squad’s rendezvous point…the soldier stood alone.

–You ready, then?

A voice erupted from the wireless as soon as she’d picked it out from its hiding place.

–Looks like you’re the one who’s raring to go. It’s almost as if you knew I’d be coming here today.

–We don’t pry into your business, and you don’t pry into ours – got it? It was better for all parties concerned if you contacted us first.
…Never thought I’d see the day that I’d be meeting a survivor of *that* plan…

–I thought you said no prying…


The man on the communicator continued his briefing.

–Head for the lake as soon as you leave the forest up ahead. There’ll be a helicopter waiting for you.


–But once you set foot on that chopper, there’s no turning back. Say your goodbyes to the outside world…because you’re dead to it from then on.

When she heard the man’s words, she looked up at the sky for a bit. After a small sigh, it seemed she had made her decision.

–Don’t worry. I’ve been dead for a long time…

Upon hearing this, the man on the other end of the communicator gave a deep nod.

–Pleased to meet you, Sheila Crawford.
Welcome to your afterlife.




Thanks to the hard work of R. Capowski, it looks like the backstories are getting translated after all! I’m as excited as a pig in a mudslide!

And aren’t they just lovely? Who knew Sheila had so much depth, hidden away from the game itself… But now they’re here for us English speaking fans to enjoy!

The image in the background looks strange at the moment, but that’s a problem with the theme I’m using. Looks like I’ll have to overhaul the blog to better mimic the website.

SWERY Q&A – 2004

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I was browsing the Wayback Machine, trying to see if I could get anything from the Official English Spy Fiction website that apparently used to exist, and I managed to find an old Q&A with SWERY himself back from 2004, just after Spy Fiction was released. Apparently, there was a contest that viewers could send questions in, and SWERY would answer them. Most of the questions aren’t Spy Fiction related, but anything SWERY is worth saving! Becasue of how fickle the Wayback Machine can be, I’m going to copy-paste the article here for security. It’s giant, so I hope it doesn’t screw up my front page.



Ask Swery Questions, Answers, and Winners!

10/6/04 GameDaily WINNERS!

I was wondering what movies or books really stood out and influenced you personally when you were getting ideas for this game. – Zayyan Ahmed – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I love movies or American TV dramas since I was a kid. So, regardless of the famous spy movie series, such as 007 or Mission Impossible, I was influenced by many other movies. My favorite directors are Terry Gilliam, M. Night Shyamalan, Paul Verhoeven, Ridley Scott and Sam Raimi. Please find my Top 5 favorite spy movies on The list should be up in near future. The novels I like are “Midnight Plus One” by Gavin Lyall and “The Human Factor” by Graham Greene .I really think these are masterpieces. Currently I am hooked on these TV series: “Alias”, “CSI” and “24”.

Does your game play more similarly to Metal Gear Solid or Splinter Cell? How involved and important is the plot? – Keith Connor – Seattle, WA

I think the gameplay of Spy Fiction is original, not similar to Metal Gear Solid or Splinter Cell. The player can enjoy deceiving AI, which is a new feature in the spy genre, by using Optical Camouflage or Optical Disguise. And also you’ll complete the missions as if you were an action star. Spy Fiction will let you be a graceful and cool spy that you can normally see in movies. If you are looking for my answer for you question, MGS may be similar to Spy Fiction. Just because, the puzzle feature and game speed of Spy Fiction are not similar to Splinter Cell… The plot is very important in Spy Fiction. It will enrich the worldview of Spy Fiction, and also the underlying human drama will help you to connect emotionally to the game. At the end, there is a big surprise. Please play till the end and find it out yourself.

How do the stealth methods in Spy Fiction distinguish the game from others in the stealth genre? Did you create Spy Fiction to purposefully provide your own twist on stealth or were you more focused on expanding the game in other aspects, such as the mini-games?

Spy Fiction has two big things, Optical Camouflage and Optical Disguise. We created these to add brand new “deceiving” feature in the stealth game genre. In the previous spy games, all you could do were “hiding” and “defeating”. Spy Fiction has a “deceiving” feature. I believe that this will give you new game experience. By using a gadget called 3DA Camera, you can acquire the discussing data. Then you are able to disguise as any character in the game. Everyone knows that it’ll be fun to be someone else and deceive other people. Enjoy this new feeling in Spy Fiction.

Pirates or Ninjas? Who’s cooler, who’d win in a fight, who would you rather hang out with? – Irving Sanchez – Brooklyn Park, MN

Ninja, if it is 1 vs. 1 battle. Because Ninja can use various Ninjutsu, in addition, one of the pirates legs is a wood and one of his hands is a hook… (laugh) Which one is cooler? Well I love hanging out with a lot of people, so I like pirates. Ninjas are too quiet, they don’t have freedom. Plus I don’t want to deal with a fear of assassination. I’d say, Pirates to hang out with. Party with Pirates.

Do you feel that the stealth genre is too crowded at this time?

Just looking at the number of games, then yes, it’s crowded. However, the important thing is not a number, its quality. No matter how many stealth games are out there, if the game doesn’t have originality or twists, it should not be counted. So I think there are not many competitions in the stealth genre.

Do you think there are spies in the video game industry? For example do you think game testers or even people on a development team leak info about a product to another company? thanks for your time. – Aaron Lopez – Cotulla, TX

It’s sad to say, but I think there are spies in the video game industry. But I would like to believe that they are not malicious industrial spies. They just like games as others; they probably don’t even realize that they are doing something bad. They are not doing for their benefits. They are in the position of playing under development games. So,that’s why they tell things to their family or friends. That’s what I think. Gaming companies gradually started to release sources, and exchange the technologies. I think the important information should be exchanged in public. It’s hard to shut someone’s mouth…

Is it better to lie to save someone’s feelings or always tell the brutal truth? – Brian Larkin – Lansdowne, PA

It’s a difficult question. Telling truth is important and I, myself, would like to be honest all the time. Especially for someone special and family. But if the truth hurts someone I love, I may lie. In spy fiction, not to get fellow teammates into trouble, some character lies to everyone. Or other character lies to achieve his goal. They lie for their own reasons. I think you are able to relate to these characters. I wanted to make the character real by adding the incidents in the game that can be happening in the real world. What would you do if you were in same position as the Spy Fiction characters? Would you lie or tell the truth? I would like to hear your thoughts.

9/20/04 GameDaily WINNERS!

How does an agent of espionage, who practices disloyalty of the highest order with the majority of those he encounters, maintain such intense loyalty to the entity he is spying FOR? In all cases, there is some validity to arguments on either side of an issue. How does the agent steel his mind against sympathies for those he works against? – Xenothon Stelnicki – Gainesville, FL

I think there are three types of spy. The first ones are nationalists who are working for a nation to bring peace in the world; they pledge their loyalty even they have to sacrifice their own identity. They are a majority of the real spies and they think that their mission is to be loyal and dedicate themselves to justice. So I think they keep their mental balances between their guilty feeling of deceiving other people, and the result, which is a world peace in this case, of their own acts. The second ones are egoists. They maneuver secretly for their organization and own profits even they jeopardize someone else’s peace. They are not loyal; of course they don’t feel bad about anything. They don’t care about anyone else. And the last ones are like slaves. Somehow they had to give up their identities in the real world. They can establish themselves only when they dependent on their organization. Before raising a question of their own acts, they have to be a spy to live. When you are at sea, you’ve got to either sail or sink. I think that S.E.A agents in the game can be categorized between the nationalist type and slave type. They are living in the underground community, at same time; they can express their opinion on their mission. So maybe it is more like a nationalist type. To try keeping your mind straight in the world of deceiving is very important to maintain the relationship with others, don’t you think so?

Swery,in regards to the controversy regarding videogames and violence, are you afraid that the actions portrayed in the game will have a big affect on the U.S. population? Did anything happen when this game was released in Japan?

In Spy Fiction, you’ll see various guns, gadgets, and of course, some violence scenes. But it doesn’t mean that I tolerate the violence acts in the real world. It is just a fiction. The theme of this game is a human drama, such as “Love and Hate” or “Fellowship and Betrayal”. I think that the strong character’s connections and their feelings in the story will affect the players rather than actions and violence. Of course nothing happened in Japan when the game was released. In addition the heroes in the game are fighting for the world justice and peace. If you act inappropriately in the game, you may take the heat from your fellow agents… So, do the right thing as a S,E,A agent when you play Spy Fiction.

If you could steal the identity of any other game director/developer, who would you choose and what would you do to their games? – James Tang – Kirkland, WA

This is a tough question. I am too busy designing a game to think of being someone else. So I will just be “myself” and do the best I can. But if you ask me… I would become Kakuwa who is a producer of Access Game and increase Swery’s salary ten times more!

What made you decide on the abilities for the two main characters, Sheila and Billy? – Anton Cao – Seattle, WA

What if I were a spy? What would I do? What would I want to do? How about the outfit? The character’s abilities are formed in the meetings after meetings with all staffs. We simulated various situations, if someone asks, “What would you do in this case?” then other staff answers “I would do this…”. Then another staff would say, “No, this way is much better”. It may look funny when seeing grown ups are standing and posing for a situation and arguing seriously. The perfect characters are formed gradually in those meetings. Without these steps, there are no good games and no good characters.

Are you watching the Olympics? If so, what are your favorite events? – Merv Jensen – San Diego, CA

I don’t watch sports normally but there are some events I like. For example, “Synchronized Swimming”, “Rhythmic Gymnastics – Women” and “Volleyball – Women”… Especially, the uniform of Greek female volleyball team is the best. Very good!

As the writer of “Spy Fiction,” I was wondering if you pulled any of the scenarios from the game from personal experiences or an event that you witnessed personally. There’s gotta be some unique touch you’ve put into the game! – Yash Shah – Charlotte, North Carolina

I am honored to hear that it is unique. I think it’s important to add the factors which are inspired by the personal experience and event. This is important for creating new things. Doing this can make a game easy accessible and give a different aspects. I habitually use a digital camera. Take pictures of someone I met, the food ate, something I saw in town, etc. That’s why I wanted add a feature of taking a picture in the game. In addition, I didn’t want to add a camera just for completing a mission; I wanted to implement it as a gameplay. I am very satisfied because I could relate it to the main system, “Optical Disguise”.

If you were a super-cool undercover spy deep in foreign territory, with enemy operatives hot on your tail, would you rather have an all-purpose assault rifle with gadgets for every need (grappling hook, flashlight, grenade launcher, funny noise-maker, etc), or a hot sexy babe to cover your back? – Jordan Skarbek – Redlands, CA

Why are you asking me this obvious question? You know the answer… A hot sexy babe! Definitely!! Everything will be alright with a hot babe.

What’s the one feature in Spy Fiction that you’re most proud of? – Simon Carless – San Jose, CA

The feature that I am most proud of is the fact that I could add the “deceiving” feature in the sneaking action adventure. Existing games have only “defeating” and “hiding” features. In Spy Fiction, you’ll deceive enemies using “Optical Disguise” or “Optical Camouflage”. The players can deceive enemies beautifully and be cool to complete the mission instead of just sneaking around and progressing slowly. In addition, the “Deceiving” feature is also in the storyline. Play till the end and witness the surprising ending.

9/20/04 WINNERS!

Many spy stories tend to get over complicated and lose the audience. Were you ever worried about this happening while writing Spy Fiction? – Ibrahim Diomande – Austin, TX

This actually has become an issue in the development team. However I also think the story without surprise can’t touch user’s heart. So we are trying hard to meet the user’s needs in both ways. In Spy Fiction, the main story shows the world of only right and wrong. And the episodes of the characters and scripts show a human drama that is connected to the main story, and give you a surprise ending. We also created interesting graphics for light users to enjoy the game. I assure that the player will feel inner feelings of the story. Please play the game and immerse yourself in Spy Fiction world.

With respect to all spies around the world. How do you think the VERY FIRST spy developed this skill? Was he a kid just sneaking around trees? – Michael Valva – Bellmore, NY

You often see this kind of situation in comic books or movies, but I think it’s different in the real world. I have never taken a Spy test before, so I don’t know… To the best of my knowledge, the only people who meet the organization’s qualification can take an entrance exam. After passing this test, they will start the basic training in the organization and take a final exam. Then be an espionage agent. They are elites like SWAT or Seals. They have to build their body and study to join a team. If you are a spy wannabe, don’t be fussy about your food, just study hard and listen to you parents!

Which process in creating video games excites you? Is it the concept and thinking process, wow we could do that, or is it when the game is in development, or the finished product? – Matthew Hunter – Oshawa, ON Canada

I am a dyed-in-the-wool developer; I love all procedures of game developing. Anything, such as concept, process and result, is important to create a game. If I could, I would like to spend the rest of my life creating games. I won’t be sit back and get cocky in the office even I get famous. No way, that’s a waste.

Why are spies so often good-looking? – Michael Naval – San Diego, CA

Spy Fiction is based on many “What if I were a spy” situations that we could think of. It’s the same in the character design. I wanted to be a cool spy that can be found in movies. We created good looking male and female characters, because I wanted to express the patter that the symbol of justice and peace (such like white doves) are confronting bad guys. I put extra efforts to their eyes. Main character, Billy and the terrorist, Dietrich, they are both handsome, but eyes are totally different.

Who is it that came up with the story for the game. If it was you, what were your inspirations and influences that helped you create a story like this?

I (SWERY) came up with the concept, and polished it with all development staffs. Then I (Hidetaka Suehiro) drew up the scenario. Yes, it’s not simple, but since we went through this procedure, we could create a good result. Especially, we put extra efforts on the last twist; I guarantee you a surprise ending. To create Spy Fiction, I don’t think I got influenced by any particular incidents. Of course, I watch world affairs, so I might get influenced by 911 and Iraq wars. I incorporated my personal matters, such as personal experience, memories, concepts, lifestyle, moves or games that moved my heart… That’s how Spy Fiction formed. I always like to surprise people, and I wanted to create such a game…

Have you ever had a really good game idea that was rejected by a higher authority than you?

When I was a new hire, I used to submit ideas once in a month. I can’t even think how many ideas have been rejected. Some may be a great one, but the most of them are not that important, I think. For example, I submitted the idea of Print Club that allows you to take X-ray pictures… The idea of “cat fight” fighting game was rejected because it was too radical back then. And I also came up with a multiplayer online game using a satellite. Rejected because it was too grandeur. It was a year of 1996; the multiplayer online games weren’t popular that time, that’s just the way of it. I was very young and energetic back then.

7/29/04 WINNERS!

Swery – do you ever regret not becoming a monk? – Brandon Sheffield – El Sobrante, CA

Nope. I have no regrets for working in the video game industry rather than being a monk. When I go to my parent’s house and have a family gathering, my relatives look at me as a “black sheep”. But it’s OK. I love my job, there’s no way for me to stop working as a game creator. It’s so hard to catch up with myself since I get a ton of new ideas everyday.

You seem to be a very nice person who has managed to find a good degree of success and personal satisfaction, and I believe you deserve it. Since you had wanted to be a Buddhist monk, I was wondering if you believe that ‘good karma’ has anything to do with this? Personally, I try to be an all-around nice guy and live by my own personal code of moral conduct. But sometimes I look around and see injustice that goes unpunished, and people benefiting from the suffering of others who make peace with their conscience afterwards without a second thought. Would I be happier if I did more things only for myself without wondering whether or not it’s right or wrong? I know finding success is not the same as finding happiness, but do you think the concept of karma really makes a difference in this world? – Justin Speer – LaGrange, GA

Physical science has a theory called “Law of action and reaction”. It means “To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction: or the mutual actions of two bodies upon each other are always equal, and directed to contrary part”. I think this theory is actually valid in the human society and everyday life. For example, you feel very angry towards someone. If you show your hostile attitude, that person (or people around you) would be offensive. In the result, you’ll be suffered by those negativities sooner or later. What if you kept your anger in yourself and not being defensive? Then you’ll get frustrated or feel uncomfortable. This could be varied for people, but you’ll have some kind of inner power as same size as your anger. (Of course, your primary anger was created by some incidence…) Like I said, dynamics (momentum transfer) in Physical science are very similar to the one in the human relationship. However here is the big deference of two. In Physical Science, it says that to every action there is always opposed an equal reaction. It means when you push, you’ll get pushed. When you pull, you’ll get pulled. But this is not applicable to all the time in the human relationship. For example, your girl friend is late for a date. Your date will be ruined, if you immediately start complaining about her. But what if the reason why she’s late for a date was because she wanted to look pretty for you and spent extra time for getting ready? You’ll tell her how pretty she looks and enjoy your date. Then you can tell her to start getting ready a little bit earlier next time. Very simple, the problem is solved. It’s all about how you manage your feelings. In the human society and relationship with others, you’ll have same action and reaction as the one in Physical science. But you CAN make your own decision how you react in the real world. This is a very interesting factor. If people realize that this law applies to the society, I think it would be a whole great world. What do you think about that? You can start changing your everyday life.

Reference: Phiiosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica written by Issac Newton

The average amount of cinematics, cg, and cutscenes per game is increasing. Cinematics, cg, and cutscenes in games are rarely interactive, and thus the player spends a lot of time not moving his hands and just watching the screen. Do you believe this is a good or bad thing? Are games better off evolving into interactive “movies?” – Kevin O’Young – Poughkeepsie, NY

I am working as a game creator because I am profoundly intrigued by the interactive feature of games. In my opinion, I think the users should actually move their hands instead of sitting down and staring the screen. So I always keep in mind to make demos that are striking and short but have enough plots for users understanding the storyline. Because demos are just tools to hype up a gameplay.

Recently some games have cut scenes that are interactive (well, control is limited though…). The good example is the single player mode of Medal of Honor. I think this tendency is great and crucial for games in future. In Spy Fiction, I put the cut scenes that show the radio transactions between team mates in real time. And some scenes that could be a demo in the old type games are actually implemented as a playable scene. The opening HALO challenge was made as a mini game based on this theory.

I am not denying all long cut scenes. Some cut scenes show the environment of games and add depth to characters. Plus sometimes there are merits since they’re not playable. The actual length of the cut scene is not really a matter, if users feel that the cut scene length is reasonable. In other words, the problem is that users can’t interact with games when they want to play, not a matter of the length of cut scenes. The cut scenes that shouldn’t in the games are “unnecessarily long ones”. No one wants to spend money for watching developer’s narcissism.

Let’s say you had to compete with Yuji Naka, the guy who created Sonic the Hedgehog, for the best parking space at Sammy’s corporate offices. You’re armed with stealth, while Yuji has speed on his side. What would do you to get the parking space before he could? – Jess Ragan – Ionia, MI

I would jump off the bed early and get a parking space! … Well, that’s a kind of boring answer, so let’s say, me and him would start a race at the same time and from different locations (have same distance though). In my real life, I own Karmann-Ghia 69′. Yes, it’s an old car. Not enough horse power and can’t go fast. See? I am in trouble already. Well, I can’t compete with his speed, so I give up beating him to get a parking spot before him. BUT, I am not done yet. What should I do…? I would go to the intersection where two routes meet. Then use my optical camouflage and just wait for him. When Mr. Naka’s car appears, I won’t lose an opportunity to take a picture of him with 3DA Camera. He is extremely fast, so it’s a one time shot. If I could get a good shot of him, I’ll just chill and drive safely to the parking space. Mr. Naka’s car should be parked at the best parking spot when I get there. Hey, don’t worry, just relax. I would disguise as Mr. Naka by using 3DA Camera data. Then call a security guard and say… “I am sorry to trouble you, but I lost my car key. I will take a cab home tonight, so arrange someone to take my car to my home. “… What’s next? Now Sammy’s personal towing truck would come rushing over to the parking space and start moving his car!! I will park my car at the best parking space as if nothing happened then walk into the office while fixing my shirt’s collars. Here you go, mission completed. What? Am I doing too much for just a damn parking spot? Feeling sorry for Mr. Naka? Tsk tsk, I am a spy, I will do everything I can to accomplish my mission.

Hi Swery, my name is Stephen and I wanted to know if you think it is okay to give up some freedom for heightened security/protection, or do you feel that it is better to sacrifice security/protection in order to be free? Thank you for your thoughts, Swery. – Stephen Devereux – Fair Oaks, CA

Here is my opinion. “Freedom and Safety” is the best solution. And I think that “Safety” = (“Peace”) = “Freedom”. These two things have same meanings and either of them shouldn’t be sacrificed. If one of them is missing, there’s no real “Freedom” or “Safety” in the world.

In Spy Fiction, you’ll see terrorists and their activity that is unacceptable. I am not trying to tolerate terrorist activities or philosophy here. And of course I don’t justify terrorist retaliations.

In Spy Fiction, the story shows the inner face of main characters and team mate as well as terrorists. Spy Fiction is a human drama. The characters in Spy Fiction were given opportunities many times to understand each other, but they couldn’t make full use of those. The story has a dilemma. I wanted to send a message to people, saying now is the time to face the fact that weaknesses of human being lead the terrorist activities, wars and other major conflicts. What if someone close to you got suffered by a tragedy? What if Spy Fiction story became true? I wanted to raise an alarm over these possible terrors. What should we do to prevent these terrors? I want each user thinks about it. Start thinking about someone close to you. First, your family and friends, then your co-workers. And finally spread your thought s over the world. Everything has two sides. Let’s not think one need to win, lose, listen or force to listen. Two sides work for understanding each other and try to exterminate the terrorist activities… I think this will lead to the world freedom and safety.

6/20/04 WINNERS!

What has been the weirdest moment, error, or implement, that you have experienced throughout your career? What I mean by this is; Ever see any ‘inappropriate’ Easter eggs that never made it to the final version, an in office joke, a costumer complaint, etc… – Joe Cousineau – Stevens Point, WI

I can go on and on when I talk about my failure stories in my career. I fought with my senior who has 10 years career in my first couple months of the video game industry… I submitted the “X-Ray Print Club sticker” (Print Club = instant photo machine to make tiny stickers) idea for an internal project just because I wanted to make a sticker of my bone structure. Oh yes, I was yelled at… Made a hole on the wall while skateboarding at the office parking… Checked designs when I was stinking drunk… I have so many failure stories that almost make me think I am an idiot.

I don’t have many failure stories for Spy Fiction project. I think it was very smooth project. The thing I remember most of all is the time we changed the design of “Mini Cam”. It used be a tool which you can stick on the floor, ceiling, even on human. One day I was called up by programmers, character designers and background designers then ordered to change the design. Why? Because “You can stick it on anywhere” means “You can see everything”. You can see out of the world through the walls or you can peak inside of girl’s skirts. It was such a crazy gadget. In addition, the collision detections were very difficult, so the programmers and background team were tearing their hair out. All testers were assigned to check the collision detections of “Mini Cam”… I had to agree since all three teams kept pressured on me (lol). I learned how to listen other people because of this incident… Of course I am kidding.

I was wondering how old were you when you decided to become a game director/writer? Why did you decide to become one? I want to know because my dream is to have a successful career in the video game industry. Can you tell me what I can do to achieve that dream? – Ryan Mostardo – Bartlett, IL

As I included in my Bio on the website, I decided to join in the video game industry when I was a junior student, so I was over 20 years old. Before that, games for me are to play, not to make. I seriously started thinking my career when one of my friends who were making movies with asked me to join in the industry. I didn’t know which way I wanted to go, one path was to be a monk and other was to follow my dream and work in the media industry. Suddenly the idea of working in the video game industry struck me. It was very shocking experience, it felt like suddenly I saw a light. Through video games I can interact with people. It fit my needs since I like surprising people and making them laugh and also I am very good at planning things and touching someone’s heart. I was fascinated and wanted to stake my life on then decided to join in the video game industry. To tell you the truth, if there were only two choices between being a Japanese monk (my family business) and working in the media industry, I think I may have become a monk.

Here is a piece of my advice for you as a mentor. Anyone can start their career in the video game industry. The point is what you would like to do after joining in. See and listen things very carefully then internalize them. Someday you’ll use that information you have gained. Then believe in yourself and finish your tasks at hand. That is all. Do I sound too cleaver here?

How are you dealing with the jaded critics ready to write off your undertaking as “just another metal gear wannabe” or “splinter cell clone” (and, in my opinion, it’s not going to be hard to outclass the over-hyped swill that is splinter cell. Honestly, a 20 year old pong clone could sell as well with the same advanced press, and contain fewer glitches in the final product) when you have worked just as hard as the other developers to revolutionize the stealth action genre? No one can overlook the unique mechanics introduced (especially the ability to steal an opponents appearance with varying degrees of success), gadgets, and alternate endings available. So what do you say to those who are ready to write you of before receiving a playable demo (I myself would go with the ever-effective “Look behind you!”, just before kicking them and running away)? Granted, I have rambled on and asked more than one question (I think), but this is the only one that really matters: Did you and your team try your best to develop a superior product, did you put as much time and effort into the story and mechanics that you could so that Spy Fiction will be an entertaining challenge well worth the time of your growing number of fans? Because, in the end, that’s really all that matters, isn’t it? – Chris Mielczarski – Bradenton, FL

Ok, here are two questions. I am answering both questions just for you.

How would I do when I receive the jaded critics by someone who doesn’t know anything about the game? Same as you, I would yell “Look behind your back” then kick him and run away. Only in my mind… (lol) Of course it really makes me mad and makes me want to scream, “Check out the game seriously!” But being furious doesn’t change anything. It is also our problem since we couldn’t convince them how great “Spy Fiction” is. After yelling, “Watch your back” and kicking him in my head, I go back to my desk right away and analyze how I could appeal “Spy Fiction” in an efficient manner. Analyze it and get more feedbacks for next projects. We, Access Games, are always taking in new ideas and trying hard to introduce them as new games. Instead of spending a great amount of development cost as major companies do, we put extra ideas, efforts, teamwork and love (lol) into games. We devote all energy into game developments. That’s how we created “Spy Fiction”. Please experience it, play it, get into the story and be surprised by many twists and turns. You won’t care about those jaded critics anymore once you are into Spy Fiction world. As you said, with a goal to make a better game and our efforts for it, we can win gamers supports. We will keep on working hard to develop games.

I promise you to deliver high quality games. I mean it.

Character Profile – Kelly Wong

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Military Intelligence Data 

Basic Physical Strength: 3

Insight: 8

Instantaneous Judgement: 7

Emotional Strength: 5

Charisma: 7

Hand-to-hand fighting, Marksmanship: 1

Disguise, Infiltration: 1

Engineering, Development: 6

Favourite gun: —

Hand-to-hand Fighting Style: —

Affiliation Data

Organization Affiliation: Hong Kong Mafia “Ceng1 Lung4 Bong1” (青龍幇) (Note: The website gives the reading as “Qīng Lóng Bāng”, but that’s Mandarin and they’re a Hong Kong organization, so…)

Rank / Role: Executive Member

Physical Data

Age: 27

Blood Type: A+

Sex: Female

Eyes: Dark Brown

Hair: Black

Height: 170cm (5’6”)

Weight: 54kg (119 lbs)

3 Sizes: B92 W59 H89

Foot Size: 24.5 cm (Size 8.5)

Dominant Arm: Right

Grip: Right: 27kg (59 lbs)/ Left: 23 kg (51 lbs)

Eyesight: Right: 1.5 / Left: 1.5

Hearing Ability: Right: Normal / Left: Normal

Personal Data

Real Name: Kelly Wong

Birth date: July 21st, 198X

Birthplace: Hong Kong

Family Structure: Grandfather, younger sister, younger brother

Hobbies: Aromatherapy / Fan design

Favourite Things: Perfume / Chamomile Tea

Disliked Things: Others’ bad breath (She always has a fan for that)

Important things: Herself

Favourite Phrase: General words of praise for her.

Personality: Equipped with the weapons of a woman: beauty, nails, and cruelty, she uses them all to make men her slaves. Behind a tolerance she has a hysterical side to her which appears and disappears, wrapping around everything. A specialist perfumer that has no eye about perfume.


Kelly Wong steals mens’ souls and makes them her slaves! Someone, call a Belmont!

I don’t know why, but I like Kelly Wong for some reason. I guess it’s because she’s the only female character with a personality in Spy Fiction. I think the last sentence of her personality section is talking about her, but she got rich on her perfume “Scent of a Woman”, so I might be misinterpreting it…

Character Profile – Michael Kwan

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Military Intelligence Data 

Basic Physical Strength: 1

Insight: 10

Instantaneous Judgement: 7

Emotional Strength: 6

Charisma: 4

Hand-to-hand fighting, Marksmanship: 3

Disguise, Infiltration: 5

Engineering, Development: 10

Favourite gun: GLOCK 17

Hand-to-hand Fighting Style: —


Affiliation Data

Organization Affiliation: Illegal Intelligence Agency S.E.A.

Assigned Team: Special Ops Unit PHANTOM

Rank / Role: Mechanic Specialist Covert Operative


Physical Data

Age: 21 (estimation)

Blood Type: AB-

Sex: Male

Eyes: Dark Brown

Hair: Black

Height: 176cm (5’9”)

Weight: 59kg (130 lbs)

Chest Measurement: 80 cm

Foot Size: 25 cm (Size 7)

Dominant Arm: Right

Grip: Right: 26kg (57 lbs)/ Left: 24 kg (53 lbs)

Eyesight: Right: 1.0 / Left: 0.9

Hearing Ability: Right: Normal / Left: Normal


Personal Data

Identification Number: PHANTOM LIVE-217

Codename: Jack Rabbit

Real Name: Data erasure complete

Birth date: Data erasure complete

Birthplace: Data erasure complete

Family Structure: Data erasure complete

Hobbies: Playing with machines / Hacking

Favourite Things: Vegetable Juice / Cable TV

Disliked Things: American jokes (Especially the ones Samuel tells)

Important things: Pride

Favourite Disguise: None

Favourite Words: Gratitude

Personality: A self-confident man boasting about things intellectual theory can’t explain. Though his genius makes him hard to approach, he puts on somewhat of an agreeable surface in order to fit in. However, he can’t hide his elitism and strong desire for fame.


First sentence of the personality section isn’t quite right (I’m sensing a pattern), so don’t take it as gospel.

Character Profile – Eve

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Military Intelligence Data 

Basic Physical Strength: 5

Insight: 10

Instantaneous Judgement: 10

Emotional Strength: 10

Charisma: 10

Hand-to-hand fighting, Marksmanship: 2

Disguise, Infiltration: 2

Engineering, Development: 2

Favourite gun: —

Hand-to-hand Fighting Style: —


Affiliation Data

Organization Affiliation: Illegal Intelligence Agency S.E.A.

Rank / Role: Case Officer


Physical Data

Age: No Data

Blood Type: No Data

Sex: Female

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Height: Approximately 168cm (5’6”) (Estimation)

Weight: Approximately 50kg (110 lbs) (Estimation)

3 Sizes: No data

Foot Size: No Data

Dominant Arm: No Data

Grip: No Data

Eyesight: No Data

Hearing Ability: No Data


Personal Data

Real Name: Data erasure complete

Birth date: Data erasure complete

Birthplace: Data erasure complete

Family Structure: Data erasure complete

Hobbies: Chronograph Collection

Favourite Things: Duty

Disliked Things: Rush Hour

Important things: Everyday

Favourite Phrase: World peace

Personality: Her loyalty for the organization is profound, faithful to the mission. Bishop has a good understanding of her but doesn’t agree with her principles. She has a strong will so she’s able to make heartless decisions.


The second sentence of her personality probably isn’t translated right, be skeptical about it.