Character Profile – Kelly Wong

Military Intelligence Data 

Basic Physical Strength: 3

Insight: 8

Instantaneous Judgement: 7

Emotional Strength: 5

Charisma: 7

Hand-to-hand fighting, Marksmanship: 1

Disguise, Infiltration: 1

Engineering, Development: 6

Favourite gun: —

Hand-to-hand Fighting Style: —

Affiliation Data

Organization Affiliation: Hong Kong Mafia “Ceng1 Lung4 Bong1” (青龍幇) (Note: The website gives the reading as “Qīng Lóng Bāng”, but that’s Mandarin and they’re a Hong Kong organization, so…)

Rank / Role: Executive Member

Physical Data

Age: 27

Blood Type: A+

Sex: Female

Eyes: Dark Brown

Hair: Black

Height: 170cm (5’6”)

Weight: 54kg (119 lbs)

3 Sizes: B92 W59 H89

Foot Size: 24.5 cm (Size 8.5)

Dominant Arm: Right

Grip: Right: 27kg (59 lbs)/ Left: 23 kg (51 lbs)

Eyesight: Right: 1.5 / Left: 1.5

Hearing Ability: Right: Normal / Left: Normal

Personal Data

Real Name: Kelly Wong

Birth date: July 21st, 198X

Birthplace: Hong Kong

Family Structure: Grandfather, younger sister, younger brother

Hobbies: Aromatherapy / Fan design

Favourite Things: Perfume / Chamomile Tea

Disliked Things: Others’ bad breath (She always has a fan for that)

Important things: Herself

Favourite Phrase: General words of praise for her.

Personality: Equipped with the weapons of a woman: beauty, nails, and cruelty, she uses them all to make men her slaves. Behind a tolerance she has a hysterical side to her which appears and disappears, wrapping around everything. A specialist perfumer that has no eye about perfume.


Kelly Wong steals mens’ souls and makes them her slaves! Someone, call a Belmont!

I don’t know why, but I like Kelly Wong for some reason. I guess it’s because she’s the only female character with a personality in Spy Fiction. I think the last sentence of her personality section is talking about her, but she got rich on her perfume “Scent of a Woman”, so I might be misinterpreting it…


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