This blog’s purpose is to bring attention to Hidetaka Suehiro’s underappreciated work, Spy Fiction.

Spy Fiction recieved a lackluster localiztion that severely damages the work’s intent and internal continuity.  The Japanese version, however, not only makes perfect sense, it was clearly lovingly crafted by a team of creative individuals. The English localization is an insult to their love.

Therefore, in order to properly share the developers’ hard work with the English speaking community, I will do my best to translate the information on the Japanese website. I don’t speak Japanese very well, so any corrections are very much appreciated. This blog is a learning experience for me, and admittedly I’m starting with very little language ability. The backstories on the website are beyond my ability, I’m afraid, so I will not be able to translate those. They might be beyond my ability, but they’re no match for R. Capowski, who has taken it upon herself to translate them!

In addition, I will be posting editorials comparing the English to the Japanese version, discussing differences in character, plot, gameplay, etc. I will also be posting certain sections of the script. I do not plan to post it in its entirety for legal reasons.

I highly encourage anyone reading this blog to purchase a copy of the Japanese edition of Spy Fiction, if reasonable. Contrary to expectations, the Japanese version of Spy Fiction is voiced entirely in English, and everything important is voiced. Not only will you not miss out on any plot, the Japanese version is actually more natural and has more plot. The controls are very easy to pick up, and the manual is much nicer. The only thing you’ll miss out on is the Garbology, but Let’s Play sensation supergreatfriend has collected 99% of them in his LP of English Spy Fiction. There, you can also find my original (admittedly very lackluster) comparsion of Japanese to English Spy Fiction.

In short, please appreciate all of the work SWERY and company put into Spy Fiction. I hope you find a new favourite, as I have.


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