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Character Profile – Michael Kwan

Posted in Character Profile Translation, Website Translation with tags , , on February 12, 2012 by Wynyard

Military Intelligence Data 

Basic Physical Strength: 1

Insight: 10

Instantaneous Judgement: 7

Emotional Strength: 6

Charisma: 4

Hand-to-hand fighting, Marksmanship: 3

Disguise, Infiltration: 5

Engineering, Development: 10

Favourite gun: GLOCK 17

Hand-to-hand Fighting Style: —


Affiliation Data

Organization Affiliation: Illegal Intelligence Agency S.E.A.

Assigned Team: Special Ops Unit PHANTOM

Rank / Role: Mechanic Specialist Covert Operative


Physical Data

Age: 21 (estimation)

Blood Type: AB-

Sex: Male

Eyes: Dark Brown

Hair: Black

Height: 176cm (5’9”)

Weight: 59kg (130 lbs)

Chest Measurement: 80 cm

Foot Size: 25 cm (Size 7)

Dominant Arm: Right

Grip: Right: 26kg (57 lbs)/ Left: 24 kg (53 lbs)

Eyesight: Right: 1.0 / Left: 0.9

Hearing Ability: Right: Normal / Left: Normal


Personal Data

Identification Number: PHANTOM LIVE-217

Codename: Jack Rabbit

Real Name: Data erasure complete

Birth date: Data erasure complete

Birthplace: Data erasure complete

Family Structure: Data erasure complete

Hobbies: Playing with machines / Hacking

Favourite Things: Vegetable Juice / Cable TV

Disliked Things: American jokes (Especially the ones Samuel tells)

Important things: Pride

Favourite Disguise: None

Favourite Words: Gratitude

Personality: A self-confident man boasting about things intellectual theory can’t explain. Though his genius makes him hard to approach, he puts on somewhat of an agreeable surface in order to fit in. However, he can’t hide his elitism and strong desire for fame.


First sentence of the personality section isn’t quite right (I’m sensing a pattern), so don’t take it as gospel.