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Backstory – Sheila Crawford

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God, I’m sorry…
I never thought it would come to this…

Don’t worry. I’m used to it.

Two soldiers lay in a hastily-dug trench deep within the snow-covered mountains. One, the apparent superior officer, lies on his back; the other, his subordinate, performs a blood transfusion… From their equipment, one might surmise them to be French Foreign Legion, but nowhere on their persons did they carry any items that would conclusively identify them as anything beyond some sort of special forces.

Their mission that day had been to surveil a hidden encampment of a radical communist organization on the Italian-Slovenian border. Their patrol strategy, however, had led their unit to divide its forces into several teams. The strategy had backfired; the unit had encountered an ambush and was splintered further.

–If they come back with reinforcements, not even I’m gonna be able to sneak past ’em…

–Well, no time to think about that now…
Concentrate on getting back on your feet!


The commander, it appeared, had a matter even graver than his own wounds weighing on his mind. Something concerning his subordinate, it seemed.

–…You’ll be all right with me here.
After all, I’ve made it this far.

The soldier returns her commander’s gaze, as if to communicate something to him wordlessly. After a period of silence, in seeming resignation, the officer opens his mouth to respond.


As his subordinate requests, he turns his attention back to recovering from his injuries.

–They made me a universal donor…
You never know what type you’ll need on the battlefield, you know!…

At these words, the officer starts to say something, but then stops. Noticing, the soldier thinks back on when they first met…

–That’s right…it’s just like always… I don’t fit in anywhere…do I…



It had been several weeks since she had fled – fled the little box garden that she had been told was the world entire. She wandered aimlessly, without a goal in mind; she knew she had no place to go.

Since birth, her memories had consisted of nothing but one long unbroken cycle of training and battle… She knew what to say, all right, but she’d never so much as bought herself something from a store… She was far from any signs of civilization. There was nothing to do but hide herself in the mountains.

Funny thing, though – covert ops were what she did best. Pretty convenient, when you’re living life on the run.

–Number AG7753 spotted! Reque–uhhh…

Her pursuer’s neck was snapped before the transmission could even reach HQ. She searched his equipment piece by piece for anything useful. And so, this was how she survived for several weeks.

However…it all came to an abrupt end that day.

–What are you doing?

She suddenly heard a voice from behind her. When she turned around, there was a man with a rifle aimed directly at her – a bullpup, state-of-the-art. The man had a beret on his head; from the way he carried himself, he probably was special forces.

–Let me see your hands…move forward.

So the man ordered in a calm, level voice. It was plain from his attitude that he had ample experience on the battlefield.

The soldier had sized up her enemy at a glance. She offered
no resistance. With a nod, she raised her hands and began to
turn around.


After a slight pause, she raised her head.

–…A woman?

When the soldier revealed her face, the man froze in shock. That tiny
moment of doubt was all the opportunity she needed.

The tables turned; in the next moment, the man’s gun had flown
into the air. His arm was twisted back, and there was a knife at
his throat.

–Who – what are you…

–I don’t know!…I wish someone would tell me.

It was a cold day, snow falling from above…just like today.


He told her that if she joined his squad, she’d be able to get a new name and nationality after her term of service… There was no reason for her to hesitate.

Her enlistment, her unique accommodations at the training camp, her assignments – all was conducted in the utmost secrecy, and before she knew it, two years had passed.

–But you haven’t changed a bit since we met! It’s like you’re frozen in time!

–………I was made that way…

That man realized his poor choice of words.

–I’m sorry…

–Don’t worry. I’m used to it.
You gave me a home.
That’s enough to make me happy…


The soldier’s words put the officer at peace. He quietly closed his eyes.

The rescue chopper followed soon after.


In a forest several kilometers from the rescue squad’s rendezvous point…the soldier stood alone.

–You ready, then?

A voice erupted from the wireless as soon as she’d picked it out from its hiding place.

–Looks like you’re the one who’s raring to go. It’s almost as if you knew I’d be coming here today.

–We don’t pry into your business, and you don’t pry into ours – got it? It was better for all parties concerned if you contacted us first.
…Never thought I’d see the day that I’d be meeting a survivor of *that* plan…

–I thought you said no prying…


The man on the communicator continued his briefing.

–Head for the lake as soon as you leave the forest up ahead. There’ll be a helicopter waiting for you.


–But once you set foot on that chopper, there’s no turning back. Say your goodbyes to the outside world…because you’re dead to it from then on.

When she heard the man’s words, she looked up at the sky for a bit. After a small sigh, it seemed she had made her decision.

–Don’t worry. I’ve been dead for a long time…

Upon hearing this, the man on the other end of the communicator gave a deep nod.

–Pleased to meet you, Sheila Crawford.
Welcome to your afterlife.




Thanks to the hard work of R. Capowski, it looks like the backstories are getting translated after all! I’m as excited as a pig in a mudslide!

And aren’t they just lovely? Who knew Sheila had so much depth, hidden away from the game itself… But now they’re here for us English speaking fans to enjoy!

The image in the background looks strange at the moment, but that’s a problem with the theme I’m using. Looks like I’ll have to overhaul the blog to better mimic the website.


Character Profile – Sheila Crawford

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Military Intelligence Data 

Basic Physical Strength: 7

Insight: 7

Instantaneous Judgement: 9

Emotional Strength: 10

Charisma: 7

Hand-to-hand fighting, Marksmanship: 7

Disguise, Infiltration: 10

Engineering, Development: 6

Favourite gun: WALTHER P99

Hand-to-hand Fighting Style: S3 + Martial Arts


 Affiliation Data 

Organization Affiliation: Illegal Intelligence Agency S.E.A.

Assigned Team: Special Ops Unit PHANTOM

Rank / Role: Execution Force Covert Operative


Physical Data

Age: 18 (estimation)

Blood Type: No Data (Note: In the Japanese release of the game , it says B+)

Sex: Female

Eyes: Ice Blue

Hair: Blonde

Height: 172cm (5’ 7”)

Weight: 55kg (121 lbs)

3 Sizes: B86 W57 H87

Foot Size: 24.0 cm (Size 7)

Dominant Arm: Right

Grip: Right: 70kg (154 lbs)/ Left: 70 kg (154 lbs)

Eyesight: Right: 2.5 / Left: 2.5

Hearing Ability: Right: Normal / Left: Normal

※She’s an enhanced human, all-purpose so to say.


Personal Data

Identification Number: PHANTOM LIVE-123

Codename: Coyote

Real Name: Data erasure complete

Birth date: Data erasure complete

Birthplace: Data erasure complete

Family Structure: Data erasure complete

Hobbies:  強いて挙げるなら空をみること (I can’t understand this. Something to do with flying?)

Favourite Things: Hot Milk / Amino Tablets

Disliked Things: Cooking with strong seasoning / Noise

Important things: Her own name

Favourite Disguise: Dancer

Favourite Words: Doesn’t have any.

Personality: A cool woman in the shadows. She’s a neat-freak who doesn’t like relationships. Nevertheless, sometimes her emotional pressure becomes too much to suppress.


I had a lot of trouble with this one. The personality translation isn’t accurate (at all), but I did what I could. I’ll come back to it later when I understand more.